Costa Rica, Heredia - July 1- 9

 A wonderful place to go in the winter months. Belize is south of Mexico. They speak English there (so no need for translators). Pastor Reuben has planted many churches in Belize and we have worked with him on numerous occasions. And "belize it or not" when he found out that we were available, he wanted us to come, train and do evangelism and discipleship with his "on fire" teens and college students in Orange Walk, Belize. In the past God has used our teams to generate lots of enthusiasm and bring revival to the church. We will spend 5 days there and then 2 days in another area helping a church whose pastor recently died and where we are needed to help build back that church with new believers. Reuben knows that the church members that remain will be revived and trained to help "spiritually parent" the new baby believers. We will do all the training you need. 

(Open to new and veterans alike.)    We are limiting this team to around 15. So, let us know as soon as possible if you are interested.

Albania - May, 2024

Climate: Almost all trips are scheduled during the cooler months of the year, (in their respective country, except for Belize which will be in the 80s). We always wear comfortable clothes and layers, as it may start off cold and warm up by afternoon.

Food: We are well fed with plenty of great food. Although if you have an allergy, just let us know and we’ll make sure that you can get a substitute or something different. 

Hotels: Secure nice double occupancy rooms with a bathroom. Some single rooms for an extra cost.

Cost includes: Lodging, food, insurance, training, ground transportation, logistics, interpreter costs. Due dates vary for each trip. $100 deposit with application.  Applications can be down-loaded from the ministry website. Your place on the team will be secure only after application and deposit are received. 

Translators: Each person will have their own translator so that they will be able to strategically affect others for Christ by showing the love of the Lord in their language. 

Ministry: We try to employ different ways of showing God’s love through visual evangelism diagrams (the 3 Circles), Children's ministry, Sports outreach, discipleship and small group Bible study. 

Discipleship is ALWAYS included as we train new believers in how to share the gospel, pray, read and understand the Bible, as well as how to feed themselves spiritually.

First-timers - Many of these trips are great trips for first timers. It will be one of the most memorable and fulfilling experiences of their lives!

Families- These are family-friendly trips that will build confidence as a young person shares their faith dozens of times and impacts others for eternity.

Finishers- these are also great trips for finishers who want to finish strong in the latter years of life. No one is pressured to go beyond their limitations, so this trip is definitely “do-able” for them.

Everyone going will experience the thrilling privilege of being powerful used by God to lead many to Christ. There truly is no limit to what God can do through someone who is yielded to the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. These trips will touch you at the very core of your spirit and you will never be the same! this may be one of the greatest spiritual experiences of your lifetime! It has been for others… it can be for you!​

Belize - Dates TBA, 2025

Peru, Arequipa -August 18-27, 2024

Additional info on most trips:

Equipping God’s  people to Evangelize the lost and Establish Churches

We will be going back to work with the churches we ministered to last summer. They were trained and we modeled to them how to do evangelism. We need to continue sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the people there and work on establishing discipleship Bible Studies. We'll be able to do children's ministry and sports out-reach. We'll also be ministering to them through prayer and emotional counseling. (This is open to new members as well as veterans).   We are looking to have a team of approximately 20-25 people.

People often ask why we return to Peru so often? It's because God is doing extraordinary things there as He draws 100's of people to receive Him as Savior. This is a"white harvest field."  The Peruvians are loving people and receptive to the gospel. This is a very Catholic area, but we will be able to share the gospel with people in their homes, at different businesses, with children, with teens during sports, and in all sorts of situations.  We'll also be ministering to them and church members through prayer and emotional counseling. We will be staying in a 4 star hotel, with a wonderful breakfast buffet and eating out at night. The city is a beautiful place to do ministry from.​

1- The "Albanian Alps”. In Northern Albania -Ps. Dennis’ ministry has invited us to join in a camping-hiking experience with 14-20 year olds. The teens are new believers, from ex-Muslim families. We will be discipling them during different parts of the day (before, after and during hikes) on how to live the Christian life authentically.   

This will be based at a ministry campground. Tents will be set up with bedrolls provided by the ministry. For those who don’t want to “rough it” there areB&B hotels within the town.  Each day will consist of breakfast, devotions, worship, teaching time, lunch, hike, crafts, group time, dinner, campfire...sleep.     (Open to new members as well as veterans).     
We must limit our team to approximately 10 people. 

2- Korcha - southern Albania. We have been asked to continue the training we started last year, as well as speak about and model authentic Christian life practices for these new former Muslim believers. Topics we can teach on are:  Knowing God's will, Making wise decisions, Walking in the Spirit, Flesh vs. Spirit, Keys to prayer, Spiritual warfare, Hearing God, Scriptural memorization, etc. 

We will be ministering to 4 spiritually hungry, house churches. We will also have opportunities to model evangelism and discipleship with unsaved family members.  Korcha is a beautiful eastern European town. Our day off will be spent driving and sight-seeing the beautiful towns of Albania.
(This is open to Veterans only)    We must limit this team to 5-8 people (on a first come basis). 

3- Tirana - capital of Albania. Pastor Nick and Deby have invited us to come and share the love of Christ with unsaved loved ones in their city. We will be able to do Children's ministry, sports out-reach, as well as ministry and training through evangelism, discipleship, prayer and emotional counseling. 

We will sight-see/shop at the beautiful Kruja castle village up in the mountains.

[This trip is open to new members as well as veterans.] 
Looking for a team of 15- on a first come basis]